About PRSJ

About PRSJ

PRSJ is the nation’s leading professional organization serving the communications community, with more than 690 professional and organizational members.

Message from the President

A message from the Public Relations Society of Japan (PRSJ) President, Mr. MAKIGUCHI Masahiro.


The Public Relations Society of Japan was formed as a voluntary organization in 1980 following the merger of the Japan PR Society and the PR Work Japan Society.

Organizational Structure

The Public Relations Society of Japan (PRSJ) organization comprises of 689 general assembly members and 1 corporate supporting member (as of June 13, 2019).

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Public Relations contributes to social innovation by creating empathy based on ethics.

PRSJ Code and Guidelines

Code of Ethics

The purpose of public relations is to foster a healthy value system between organizations and their stakeholders and the society and to steadily build relationships of trust.

PR Activity Guidelines

These guidelines are based on the Code of Ethics established by the Public Relations Society of Japan in 2016 and indicate norms of conduct that are to be standard practice for public relations professionals.