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Organizational Structure

Organizational Chart


689 general assembly members and 1 corporate supporting member (as of June 13, 2019)

• Corporate Subcommittee
For members belonging to non-PR companies or organizations.


• PR Industry Subcommittee
For members who belong to PR agencies or related companies.


• Kansai Subcommittee
For members located in the Kansai region. Conducts independent activities with members from both PR agencies and non-PR organizations.


• Education Committee
In charge of PRSJ’s core public services, this committee designs and implements PR-related education and training programs.


• Certification Committee
Administers all aspects of the PR Planner Certification—running examinations, publishing textbooks, managing the certification procedure, and raising recognition of the certification.

• International and Networking Committee
This unique cross-functional committee oversees both the PRSJ’s global outreach and socializing events. International activities include showcasing outstanding overseas PR campaigns, building relationships with global PR-related organizations, and running international training. Networking activities include member events and educational programs for female members.


• Communications Committee
Publishes the PRSJ’s owned media, such as the PR & Mass Media Handbook and the PR Yearbook, and proactively communicates information related to the PRSJ. By delivering PR insights gleaned from both inside and outside the society, this committee seeks to raise awareness of our activities and promote understanding of public relations.


• Awards Committee
Runs the annual PR Award Grand Prix, one of the PRSJ’s most recognizable initiatives, to celebrate excellence in PR and raise standards in the industry. This committee also organizes the Japan PR Person of the Year and Citizen of the Year awards, which honor the efforts and contributions of individuals and organizations from a PR perspective.