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Code of Ethics

Adopted by the 2016 Ordinary General Meeting

The purpose of public relations is to foster a healthy value system between organizations and their stakeholders and the society and to steadily build relationships of trust. Communications developing mutual understanding, unity and deeper trust forms the core of such public relations activities.
PRSJ and its members are well aware of the social impact of PR, and always strive to improve the ethicality of their actions and maintain the trust of the society, as well as to promote dialogue and mutual understanding between various stakeholders, including individuals, corporations, organizations, agencies and nations, in and outside of Japan. Moreover, we seek to generate new social value through public relations and fulfill our social responsibilities. This Code of Ethics applies to, guides and supports the activities of the PRSJ and its members.


1. Respect for the public interest and fundamental human rights
We comply with international norms as well as the Japanese constitution, laws and regulations in the planning and execution of all public relations activities; and are always mindful of the public interest and respect fundamental human rights and the dignity of individuals.


2. Principles of fairness, accuracy and transparency
We understand the role of the media in the society and respect the freedoms of speech and press. We act with fairness and integrity, convey the truth to all stakeholders accurately, timely and appropriately, and promote transparency. We do not distribute false or misleading information.


3. Maintaining neutrality and impartiality
We convey information accurately and readily accept feedback, and maintain a neutral and impartial stance in our relationships with stakeholders. We act with discipline and integrity.


4. Protecting information and rights
We do not divulge confidential or personal information obtained through the course of public relations activities, use such information outside of its intended purpose, or seek to profit unduly through the use of insider information. We respect and protect copyrights, intellectual property rights and personal information.


5. Generating social value and contributing to a sustainable society
Based on our commitment to build a society for the people, we embrace diversity and encourage the development of a healthy and creative society as well as the generation of new social value. Moreover, we protect the global environment and contribute towards the creation of a sustainable society by acting as good corporate citizens.