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Message from President

Inaugural Greeting

August, 2022




Public Relations Society of Japan (PRSJ)


It is my great pleasure to extend these greetings after having assumed the position of president of the Public Relations Society of Japan (PRSJ).


As we all know, the world is changing rapidly, and the pace of change is accelerating. In the midst of this, I believe that public relations activities must also continue to evolve, as must the definition of “public relations.”


What will be important in this redefinition will be what to value and what to add. It is essential to refine the core value of public relations and scale this up by incorporating issues that are relevant to the times. The PR domain is certain to expand. We need to recognize that there is a wide range of things that PRSJ must do for the development of public relations, in addition to our important mission of contributing to the public interest.


Facing, examining and resolving such issues will not be possible without the help of our board members and PRSJ members, and the cooperation of our secretariat members. We would appreciate your continued kind assistance.


We believe that the essence of our work in public relations can be summed up in three words: building better relationships. Relationships develop between human beings, and understanding and trusting each other is an essential prerequisite for the betterment of those relationships. When put into words in this way, the universality of our work and its importance to human society becomes clear. And in that moment, I feel a comfortable tension between the meaning and possibilities of this work.


Each improved relationship leads to a better society. I believe that the real thrill and pleasure of our work lies in this area.


I believe that the raison d’être of PRSJ is inseparable from the essence of public relations, and would very much appreciate your continued understanding and cooperation.