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Greetings from the President

Greetings from the President

It gives me great pleasure to greet you as the newly elected president of the PRSJ.

These days we often hear voices from various quarters commenting on the importance and potential of public relations at a time when Japanese companies are facing a rapidly changing environment, both at home and abroad. With major elections scheduled in Europe, the U.S. and other key countries this year, unforeseen developments may significantly affect the activities of corporations and other organizations in the coming future. Undoubtedly, many business and government leaders will be forced to deal with growing uncertainties. In this highly fluid environment, I believe the key questions for public relations professionals will be how to contribute to management, societal and branding initiatives, and how to raise the status of our profession itself.

While some may see PR as largely defined by its functional methodologies, I believe that the original purpose of public relations to engage and build relationships with stakeholders remains equally critical to our ability to contribute to organizational value. From this perspective, we must continue to ensure that corporate and other organizational leaders are always able to clearly visualize our contributions and value in helping them achieve their goals.

This has never been more true. Today we are faced with the challenge of , including by addressing pressing societal issues while helping companies increase their value and successfully navigate serious issues such as gender, labor shortages, new cultures and ideologies, and diversity. And, of course, this poses increasing challenges to our association.

The PRSJ’s continuing efforts to address such diverse and complex issues would not be possible without the enlightened input of our board and members, as well as the invaluable cooperation of our secretariat members. In closing, please allow me to thank everyone in advance for your vital support as I strive to further the interests and position of the PRSJ.








Takamasa Yamaguchi


Public Relations Society of Japan (PRSJ)