PRSJ Names On-Co Inc. Winner of 2023 Grand Prix Award for Innovative Community Redevelopment Using Vacant Homes

January 25 in News Release

The Public Relations Society of Japan (PRSJ) announced today that its 2023 PR Awards Grand Prix has been won by On-Co Inc. for its community redevelopment project based on a counterintuitive concept called Sakasama Fudosan, or “upside-down real estate,” which uses non-tradable vacant homes in partnership with the owners. In addition, the winners of two Gold, six Silver, seven Bronze and one Inspiration Award were also announced.


The awards program is held annually to promote and develop PR in Japan by recognizing outstanding PR initiatives. A total of 96 entries were received this year, and details of the winners are presented below.


An awards ceremony with presentations by the winners will be held at the Jiji Press Hall in Tokyo from 5pm on Wednesday, December 13.


2023 PR Awards Grand Prix Award Winners in (16 total)


Grand Prix (1)                                                                                   

Community redevelopment project based on a counterintuitive concept called Sakasama Fudosan, or “upside-down real estate,” which used non-tradable vacant home in collaboration with owners

Entry company: On-Co Inc.

Project owner: On-Co Inc.


Gold (2, in order of registration)

Security Deposit to Growth Fund Project to convert ¥5 trillion of security deposits in Japan into growth capital for startups

Entry company: hazoom inc.

Project owner: Nisshoho Co., Ltd.


Protect Heads, and the Earth. HOTAMET

Entry companies: Koushi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., Sarufutsu Village, Hokkaido, and TBWA HAKUHODO

Project owners: Koushi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., Sarufutsu Village, Hokkaido, and TBWA HAKUHODO


Silver (6, in order of registration)

Using aquariums for “Coral Show Window” sustainable fashion to promote marine protection

Entry companies: Hakuhodo Inc. and OZMA Inc.

Project owner: Kaiyukan Co. Ltd.


Nissin Foods’ KANZEN MEAL Project

Hakuhodo Inc.

Project owner: Nissin Foods Holdings Co., Ltd.


In summer, it’s 7°C higher for children than for adults! GREEN DAKARA Heat Stroke Awareness Project

Entry companies: Suntory Beverage & Food Ltd., Dentsu Inc., and PR Consulting Dentsu Inc.

Project owner: Suntory Beverage & Food Ltd.


Kellogg’s Everyday Breakfast Project

Alongside with Child Cafeterias, working to prevent children from skipping breakfast or eating alone

Entry company: PRAP Japan, Inc.

Project owner: Kellogg’s Japan


Jewelry deserves recognition: Anonymous jewelry store that operates mysteriously without revealing its brand

Entry company: F.D.C. PRODUCTS INC.

Project owner: F.D.C. PRODUCTS INC.


Integrated PR communication for Ajinomoto® umami seasoning: Debunking the 50 years of myth around MSG to address societal issues on food and health

Entry company Edelman Japan

Project owner: Ajinomoto Co., Inc.


Bronze (7, in order of registration)

Creating a home inspection market through each of us working as a spokesperson for the company.

Entry company: Sakurajimusyo inc.

Project owner: Sakurajimusyo inc.


Eliminating parent fatigue from playing with children, a problem many recognize but few tackle: “Relief Park” Playground with Chiropractic

Entry company: OZMA Inc.

Project owner: PIP Co., Ltd.


FRYING PAN CHALLENGE🥟:Collective action for “CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT” beginning with one complaint

Entry company: Honda Office

Project owner: FFA Ajinomoto


Diversity Exercises Aimed at Reducing Workplace Accidents on Construction Sites

Entry companies: Mobercial Co., Ltd. and Tohokushinsha Film Corporation

Project owner: Tokyu Construction Co., Ltd.


The Hidden Side of Pets: Only Zoo Keepers Know

Entry company: Hakuhodo Kettle Inc.

Project owner: WWF Japan


Social initiative to protect dairy farmers and children: Drinking milk at home on Saturdays and Sundays when children do not take school lunches on weekdays

Entry companies: OZMA Inc.

Project owner: Japan Dairy Association (J-milk)


Creating a circular economy: Encouraging local governments to sell oversized garbage and supplies that are still usable on Mercari

Entry company: Mercari, Inc.

Project owner: Mercari, Inc.


Inspiration Award (1)

Creating new PR value by using PR Relate, a digital media platform

Entry company: Panasonic Corporation

Project owner: Panasonic Corporation /Design Division/Communication Design Center


Comments by HONDA Tetsuya, President of Judges Committee:


This year, which marked the end of the pandemic, we received nearly 100 entries, a rising trend that started last year. I believe this is evidence of the growing understanding of and interest in public relations in Japan and the diverse initiatives that are being developed as a result. As head of the Judges Committee, I continued to use the following three criteria for this year’s selection process.


  1. Does the project have a social purpose, or is it a useful activity for society?


  1. Is there a sense of ‘self’ (or ‘we’), meaning does the company/brand have authenticity in the project?


  1. Has the power of participation been demonstrated, meaning are widespread participation and co-creation promoted for the sustainability of the project?


The judges had a difficult time deciding on the top prize winner this year because the three Gold entries as well as the eventual winner were all highly evaluated, but we unanimously selected On-Co Inc. as the Grand Prix winner for its “Sakasama Fudosan” (upside-down real estate) PR, which addresses the issue of community development by applying counterintuitive ideas.


The upside-down concept is also one of the essential perspectives of public relations. Looking at various issues in the world from alternative perspectives can open up new vistas. I believe this is precisely the kind of approach that will be required of PR professionals in the future.


Once again, I would like to congratulate all the winning companies and organizations. I hope that public relations in Japan will continue to produce excellent results.


President of the Judges Committee

HONDA, Tetsuya, President, Honda Office and PR Strategist


Judging team (9 members; in Japanese alphabetical order)


ITO, Yuri

Executive Officer, General Manager, Corporate Communications, LINEYahoo



Executive Officer, Partner, Clients & Industries / Brand Marketing, Deloitte Tohmatsu Group


KITAMI, Koichi

Associate Professor, Faculty of Urban Life Studies Department of Urban Life Studies

Graduate School of Environmental and Information Studies, Urban Life Studies, Tokyo City University



General Manager, Strategic Planning Department, PRAP Japan



General Manager, Corporate Planning Office, Dentsu PR


HA, Kung Jin

Associate Professor, Faculty of Tourism and Community Development, Department of Tourism and Community Development, Kokugakuin University



Journalist, former editor-in-chief of AERA


MAKI, Shiho

Chief PR Director, General Manager, Planning Department II, Public Relations Division, Hakuhodo


YOKOTA, Kazuki

Executive Officer, Inoue Public Relations, Inc.