PRSJ’s PR Awards Grand Prix 2022 Presents Grand Prix Award to Asahi-machi, Toyama and Hakuhodo for Shared-ride Transportation Service

April 03 in News Release

The Public Relations Society of Japan (PRSJ) held its PR Awards Grand Prix 2022 and selected as this year’s Grand Prix winner Realization of Future Public Services through Mutual Aid and Co-Creation: Nokkaru (riding in Japanese), the 3-year Challenge for a Shared-ride Transportation Service,” which were entered as well as managed by Asahi-machi, Toyama Prefecture and Hakuhodo Inc. In addition, three Gold, three Silver, and eight Bronze PR Awards were selected.


The awards program is conducted annually to promote and develop PR in Japan by honoring outstanding PR initiatives. This year, a record 107 entries were received. Please see below for details on the winners of the 15 Grand Prix, Gold, Silver, and Bronze awards.


An award ceremony along with presentations made by the winners will be held on Thursday, December 15 from 12:30 p.m. in Jiji Press Hall, and be broadcast online.


PR Awards Grand Prix 2022 Award Winners (15 total)

Grand Prix (1)                                                                                    

Realization of Future Public Services through Mutual Aid and Co-Creation: Nokkaru, the 3-year Challenge for a Shared-ride Transportation Service

Entry companies: Asahi-machi, Toyama Prefecture and Hakuhodo Inc.

Project entities: Asahi-machi, Toyama Prefecture and Hakuhodo Inc.


Gold (3, in order of registration)

Cookpad Ukraine Humanitarian Assistance: The “#powerofcooking Let’s connect through cooking” project

Entry company: Cookpad Inc.

Project entity: Cookpad Inc.

FRIENDLY DOOR project to realize “the life you want” for all kinds of people

Entry company: Lifull Co., Ltd.

Project entity: Lifull Co., Ltd.


PR for president’s complimentary vending machine

Entry company: Suntory Beverage & Food Limited

Project entity: Suntory Beverage & Food Limited


Silver (3, in order of registration)

Add value to brand with ideas for society that can be used as PR content to engage peers: Be Kind to People Game

Entry company: Hakuhodo Inc.

Project entity: Kracie Pharmaceutical, Ltd.


Diversity in drinking, including those who do and don’t drink: A bar where non-drinkers take center stage—Sumadori Bar Shibuya

Entry company: Dentsu Inc.

Project entity: Asahi Breweries, Ltd.


Aiming for a world where men normally can take maternity leave: Sekisui House’s Men’s Maternity Leave Project

Entry company: PR Consulting Dentsu Inc.

Project entity: Sekisui House, Ltd.


Bronze (8, in order of registration)

Save Omi beef producers suffering from the COVID-19: Developing artistic gifts!

Entry company: Funny Kayac Inc.

Project entity: Hyotanya Inc.


Six years since creating and naming the “#NursingHair Removal” concept

Entry company: Rize Clinic

Project entity: “Lizée Clinic


#Guard Our Future Project to protect lives from mosquitoes: Narrative for recruiting co-creators

Entry company: Kao Corporation

Project entity: Kao Corporation


Mercari Shops 3D Shutter Store in Shibuya

Entry company: Material, Inc.

Project entity: Souzoh, Inc.


Softening company information to interest more people: “If gals of the Reiwa era made Kayac’s financial results presentation materials…”

Entry company: Kayac Inc.

Project entity: Kayac Inc.


Co-creation experiment to make sanitary napkin receipt in restrooms commonplace

Toreluna Project

Entry companies: Platinum inc. and Konel Inc.

Project entity: Next Innovation Inc.


Challenges for a flying car startup to become a promising company in the eyes of society

Entry company: SkyDrive Inc.

Project entity: SkyDrive Inc.


Universal Studios Japan: Stress Purchasing Center—We buy your stress!

Entry company: USJ LLC.

Project entity: USJ LLC.


Comments by HONDA Tetsuya, President of Judges Committee:


I am very pleased with this year’s PR Award Grand Prix. First, we received 107 entries, which equals our highest total ever. This is a testament to the efforts of everyone involved, as well as to the diverse initiatives that have emerged as a result of a growing understanding of and interest in public relations in Japanese society.


As the head of the jury, I would like to present the three perspectives adopted this year in addition to the criteria stipulated by the judging committee.


  1. Is there a social purpose, meaning is it a useful activity oriented toward society?


  1. Is there a sense of ‘self’ (or ‘us’), meaning does the company/brand have authenticity in its activities?


  1. Has the ‘power of involvement’ been demonstrated, meaning is the project designed to involve diverse stakeholders and for co-creation leading to the sustainability of the activity?


The level of this year’s entries was high, especially for the seven that made it to the final round, and I believe that most of them fully satisfied our perspectives. The Grand Prix winner, “Realization of Future Public Services through Mutual Aid and Co-Creation: Nokkaru, the 3-year Challenge for a Shared-ride Transportation Service,” a Hakuhodo project that addressed a societal issue in Asahi-machi, Toyama Prefecture that was symbolic of modern Japan, and is a great example of Hakuhodo’s characteristic ‘sei-katsu-sha (general public)’ approach in involving not only local residents but also transportation companies and multiple other stakeholders.


Public relations is not only a practical activity, but also a way of thinking. While it is important to use PR know-how to create buzz for product and businesses, as well as to produce results, I have the impression that business developments and initiatives that incorporate PR ideas are increasing every year. This is why we need to be more multifaceted in our judging considerations, but above all, it is meaningful and gratifying to see the emergence of dynamic initiatives. Once again, I commend all of the award-winning companies and organizations, and I express my hope that public relations efforts in Japan will continue to produce excellent results in the future.



President of the Jury 

HONDA, Tetsuya, President, Honda Office and PR Strategist


Judging team (9 members)names in Japanese alphabetical order)

AKUTSU, Satoshi

Professor, DBA Program Director, Hitotsubashi ICS


ITO, Yuri

Executive Officer, General Manager, Corporate Communications & Investor Relations, Z Holdings Corporation



General Manager, Communication Design Department, PR Consulting Dentsu Inc. and Part-time Lecturer, Taisho University


Kyung Jin HA

Associate Professor, Hiroshima Peace Institute, Hiroshima City University



Journalist and former Chief Editor, AERA


MAKI, Shiho

Chief PR Director, Planning Department 2, PR Division, Hakuhodo Inc.


YAJIMA, Satoshi

Director, PR Team and Head of Group Public Relations, Mercari, Inc.


YOKOTA, Kazuki

Executive Officer, Inoue Public Relations, Inc.



Director and General Manager, Strategic Planning Division, Prap Japan Inc.