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About PRSJ

The Public Relations Society of Japan (PRSJ) comprises individuals and companies who are committed to the public relations field and seek to further public relations capabilities in Japan. Chartered in 1988, the PRSJ started out as the Japan PR Society before merging with the PR Work Japan Society in 1980. (more…)

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Actual Survey of PR Business in 2011

PR Business Group made an “Actual Survey of PR Business in 2011” on March, 2011. The survey covered not only PR companies and PR-related companies that are members of PRSJ but other PR companies.  It was answered by 49 companies.

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Certification Examination for Public Relation by PRSJ held in Hokkaido first time

As a response to the request to take the Certification Exam for Public Relation, which is the only certification exam for public relations in Japan, in areas other than Tokyo and Osaka, the “PR Planner Certification / the First-stage Exam” will be held in Hokkaido Construction Hall, Asahikawa on August 28 (Sunday). It is the first time this has occurred in Hokkaid

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