About PRSJ

The Public Relations Society of Japan (PRSJ) comprises individuals and companies who are committed to the public relations field and seek to further public relations capabilities in Japan. Chartered in 1988, the PRSJ started out as the Japan PR Society before merging with the PR Work Japan Society in 1980.

The society engages in a wide variety of practical activities, such as expanding PR knowledge, sharing PR methods and educating PR professionals. Its members strive to become better professionals by sharing their knowledge and understanding of PR philosophies, issues, problem-solving, skills and training. The PRSJ nurtures PR professionals by conducting regular seminars led by noted opinion leaders, publishing PR industry news, and offering PR certification tests.

The PRSJ had 546 members as of March, 2018, engaged in the fields of public relations, manufacturing and services, as well as trade associations and academic and public institutions. The organization’s Tokyo headquarters and Kansai regional office in Osaka administer eight committees (organizational, international, education, PR, publication, recognition, certification and IT) and three groups (corporate, PR business and Kansai).