About PRSJ

Since its establishment, the Public Relations Society of Japan (PRSJ) has engaged in activities aimed at increasing people’s awareness of public relations in Japan by seeking public relations methods suitable for the times.

In 1980, the Japan PR Society, which had until then been an association of people responsible for corporate advertising, merged with the PR Work Japan Society, which had been established to support PR, and launched as a private organization known as The Public Relations Society of Japan. Following approval as an incorporated foundation in 1988, the Cabinet Office certified PRSJ as a public interest incorporated foundation in 2012.

Capitalizing on the fact that persons in charge of PR at companies and associations coexist with companies in the PR industry as members, we share PR-related knowledge and know-how, which is useful for actual PR activities while being proactive in human resource training of PR persons who will be in charge of PR in the future.

A forum for cooperation and diligent application by PR professionals

PRSJ members comprise a broad range of PR professionals including business corporations and companies in PR/PR-related industries as well as their employees. Opinions and wisdom concerning “What PR is needed for the times?”, “What are the issues for PR?”, and “What is the best way to incorporate them?” are jointly discussed from respective positions with this cooperative approach being of major significance for the future development of public relations in Japan.

Networking is possible because it is a member organization

PRSJ is a bottom-up organization where activities flourish due to the active engagement of the members themselves. Regular members and individual members do not simply receive information in a one-way flow, but participate in activities to obtain information and also disseminate information themselves. Through active participation, members not only obtain the information and know-how they require but can also create personal connections that are useful for their own growth through events such as lectures and forums to which personal connections, key persons in the mass media, and opinion leaders are invited.

A forum for activities open to people interested in public relations

Premised on being of use to PR persons with diverse experience, PRSJ engages in operations such as training, exchange, and dissemination of information that is planned and operated by PR persons themselves. These activities are based on “What use they will be?” and “To what extent they will fulfill the needs?” of people who have an interest in developing public relations.